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Thursday May 4th 2017   7am - 10pm


Nick Harrison
Nick Harrison is our candidate for the County Council. Nick works tirelessly for our community and is widely respected across the political parties for his contribution. This has led to his cross-party work on the council budget and in monitoring improvements in childrens’ services to meet OFSTED standards. His colleagues have also voted him leader of the Residents Group at County Hall.
 Residents’ Association Councillors have proved themselves worthy of the voters’ decision to elect them – by continuing to campaign to improve the area and pursuing the aims of the Residents’ Associations. To retain a strong local influence at the Council we urge you to vote for Nick on 4th May.

Please give him your support on May 4th, and allow the Residents’ Association to continue working hard to get the best deal possible for Nork Residents.

George Hinton, Chairman, Nork Residents' Association


  • Government has failed the residents of Surrey - Our revenue support grant, already the lowest in England, is now being withdrawn completely. Surrey’s Cabinet Ministers and MPs, which includes the Chancellor of the Exchequer, are not responding to the County Council. The funding formula is unfair and out of date, and fails to recognise Surrey’s needs and growing population.
  • Protection of children, elderly and learning disabled – Over 70% of the County’s budget is regulated by statute, in particular to help these vulnerable groups. Ministers allowed a 5% council tax increase to meet part of the funding gap. It is vital these services are both protected and improved.
  • Council must be more effective than ever in using our money – This is essential to ensure reasonable services. This is why I scrutinise budgets in detail – exposing excess spending and highlighting ways to obtain better value.
  • Service cuts – There will be further cuts this year. I will challenge those impacting the front line, including our children’s centre, youth centres and Tattenhams library.


  • Regeneration Plan adds pressure on local services – I am concerned that the new developer of the de Burgh site is seeking to increase its density by 25%. This may harm local services.
  • Parking Issues - Some new parking bays have been built and I am pushing for more. It is vital that the County and Borough Councils stand by their funding commitments in the Regeneration Plan.

  • Planning scrutiny – The Residents’ Associations continue to vigorously scrutinise all planning applications to maintain the character of our area and to ensure intensive and detrimental development is minimised. We promote the local environment and oppose un-neighbourly cramped schemes, with inadequate parking and loss of trees.

  • Road and pavement rebuilding – I successfully campaigned for a sustained programme to resurface our poor roads. 25 roads and 2 pavements have been rebuilt to date; more than any other area of the borough. For the coming year, the priorities are: Reigate Road near the Great Tattenhams traffic lights, Warren Road (pavement) and Chapel Way. Warren Road (road) will follow on later.
  • Nork – new crossing at the A217 – I have supported a campaign to get a new pedestrian crossing across the busy A217 near Burgh Wood, the route taken by children to their schools in Banstead Village. Construction is planned for this coming summer, and I am now supporting a bid to improve the Drift Bridge junction and the route to Banstead station.
  • Tattenhams – new crossing by the shops I promoted the new crossing, now in construction, to improve safety at the shopping parade.

  • Leisure Centre – We fought long and hard to keep a swimming pool in the face of opposition of the council leadership. We encourage residents to take advantage of the new facilities.

  • Nick has lived in Tattenhams for 30 years.
  • An economics graduate and a chartered accountant with over 35 years’ business experience.
  • Married to Pam, with three children educated at local schools.
  • Surrey County Councillor for the last 12 years, and Leader of the Residents’ Association Group of Councillors at Surrey.
  • Chair of the Pension Board, and a member of the Corporate Overview Board at Surrey.
  • Reigate & Banstead Borough Councillor for the last 14 years, currently chairing the Budget Scrutiny Panel.
  • Governor at Shawley Community Primary School.
  • Trustee of Tattenhams Community Library, the charity set up by volunteers to run the library.

Dear Fellow Resident

I have very much enjoyed serving as your councillor and take pride in my achievements on behalf of residents. With my five Residents’ Association colleagues who are councillors for Nork and Tattenhams, we are a formidable team of LOCAL residents who put your interests first. Unlike the political parties who vote as a group whatever their ward interests are, our vote is for you. We think party politics are best left out of local government.

Because we represent you at both County and Borough Councils, we can make sure of a consistent and ‘joined up’ approach.

If re-elected, I will continue to support the aims of the Residents’ Association, working hard to protect the character of the area and to keep it safe, clean and a pleasant place to live. I will also fight to ensure residents get best value for money, despite the very low grants from Government.

I ask you to cast your vote for the Residents’ Association and give me the continuing honour of representing you at the County Council. I will listen to and represent ALL residents, regardless of political persuasion, and will be pleased to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,

          Nick Harrison


If you want to vote by post...
You have until 5pm on Tuesday 18 April to register for a Postal Ballot.
For more information visit Voting and Elections on the Reigate & Banstead Council website or
Call the Town Hall on 01737 276000

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