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How to get a verge tree

Understandably, with the pandemic, progress on verge/highway tree planting has been a low priority this year, but the system for requesting a new verge tree outside your property has changed significantly and is now much easier.

Last year Residents had a choice of several hundred different types of tree then, at the start of this year, the choice was restricted to just four types. Residents can now request the type of tree they want and order it direct from the Surrey County Council website.

For information on planting trees: SCC Planting verge tree information

To order a new verge tree: Tree Planting application form

NOTE: There is a £25 non-refundable application fee to help cover the cost of assessing if the site is suitable. If you do get the county council to plant a tree, Nork RA will consider refunding you this £25 a year after planting if the tree has been properly maintained by you.

The cost of the tree itself, for residents in NORK Ward specifically, will, while funds remain, be paid for by the Reigate and Banstead Borough Council CIL grant and you need to state this in the “additional information / further comments” box on the form.

If we hadn’t arranged this funding for Nork, a verge tree would cost several hundred pounds. We encourage residents not to automatically opt for a cherry as these are quite susceptible to disease and we are losing a lot locally. The SCC arboricultural team will be able to make suggestions, particularly if you want something unusual as it can take several years for the supplier to grow one before you see it planted.
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Last Edited: 13/05/2024
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