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The Future of Epsom Hospital

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Local doctors , nurses and therapists from the SW London NHS together with patients and their representatives have been reviewing health services in south west London. The review is called Better Services Better Value (BSBV).
Its Programme Board put forward its preferred model for the future shape of health services in south west London, for consideration by the Joint Boards of South West London Primary Care Trusts last September. Its recommendations

  • Centralising emergency care in three expanded emergency departments in south west London, to be located at Croydon, Kingston and St George’s Hospitals, each with an integrated urgent care centre and children’s A&E. St Helier Hospital to retain a stand-alone urgent care centre which could treat up to half of current A&E patients

  • Centralising maternity care in three expanded, obstetric-led maternity units with one to one midwife care, to be located at Croydon, Kingston and St George’s Hospitals, with co-located midwife-led units

  • A state-of-the-art planned care centre at St Helier Hospital, for non-emergency surgery for patients across south west London, kept separate from emergency care, so that emergencies do not disrupt planned operations

BSBV, which has already cost taxpayers £2m, is now carrying out the same review again but this time including Epsom Hospital in the process. The Programme Board has recommended in the last few days, that two A&E and maternity departments out of those at St Helier, Epsom, Kingston or Croydon University Hospital should close. Services at St George’s are safe.

Groups involved in the campaign to save Epsom Hospital are being encouraged to attend a key meeting next week where its role within the BSBV review is to be discussed.

In a letter to constituents, Mr Grayling said the BSBV team are to hold a “scoring” meeting on the evening of January 15 - which he said he believes is the only meeting of its kind due to take place. But a BSBV spokesman denied that the meeting, to be held at Epsom Downs Racecourse, will be a “scoring” meeting where any formal decision will be made, and said a series of consultations have already been held by Surrey’s GPs in the area. The spokesman said:

“In addition, next week, a formal event is being held in Surrey for around 100 key stakeholders representing the community such as members of patient groups, local authorities and the voluntary sector. Their feedback will be shared with the clinicians leading the programme before they make their final recommendations. This is similar to what happened in south west London boroughs this time last year."

"At the same time, Surrey GPs and clinicians from Epsom Hospital have been involved in reviewing the clinical models of care to take account of the inclusion of Epsom Hospital and how this affects the original clinical working group recommendations."

”Surrey residents will have many opportunities to contribute when the public consultation is launched later on in 2013 during which we will be asking for feedback and comments on our options for change".

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Last Edited: 30/06/2020
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