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Residents Represent Residents

We will continue to scrutinise all planning applications to ensure proposed developments are neighbourly and consistent with the existing character of Nork. There is increasing pressure from Whitehall on Councils to approve high density housing development. Applications for the development of back gardens that give Nork so much of its character have been and will continue to be resisted where we consider there are legitimate reasons to object. However, it is important to note that the planning system has a presumption in favour of development.

Footpaths and pavements
We have been able to achieve the resurfacing of many of Nork's footways. We are concerned at the unrealistic funding made available for future maintenance to footpaths and improvements in street lighting and are seeking a substantial increase in both.

County have recently taken back from the Borough responsibility for highways but have had no funding for street lighting improvements and very limited funding for road and pavement repairs. We will be pressing for a more appropriate budget to ensure our highways, many of which are in a parlous state, are better maintained.

Our lobbying has achieved some improvement in Banstead Station and we continue to press for greater security and more regular and reliable train services. Local bus services are deteriorating and we will be pressing to restore them. We will be seeking a bus route to Sutton and a more regular service to Epsom. We will continue to push Surrey County Council at a strategic level to consider better long term solutions to the bus routes through Nork and Tattenhams.
We organised the hugely successful Golden Jubilee Music in the Park event in Nork park - attended by our MP, Mayor and over 2000 local residents. We have led the Nork Park Conservation Volunteers and with their assistance have planted over 3000 hedging plants and trees.

We succeeded in obtaining the new pavillion at Beecholme Recreation Ground and are delighted that its football club now boasts over 200 children as members and has achieved much success with its teams. We are determined the pavillion in Tattenhams Recreation Ground will be restored.

Environmental issues
We will continue to oppose the target 40% increase in housing density in the Surrey Structure Plan. Our top priority remains the protection of the character of our area.
Council tax (County)
Surrey County Council take over 75% or our Council tax and therefore we will continue to press for greater value for money.
Council tax (Borough)
Only our Residents' Association Councillors opposed well above inflation rises in Council Tax. We also opposed the recent large increase in Council staff when it was known that the Borough's share of Government funding was to be held at 2002 cash levels for some years. We are determined to seek value for money from our Council Budget.
Community plan
We have taken the initiative of consulting every household through NORA and TARA to determine residents' concerns and aspirations for Nork and Tattenhams. The findings of this comprehensive work will be put forward as the basis for the Borough and County Council's Community Plan of action for the area. We are determined to see results from the consultation.
Crime and disorder
We will continue to press for a greater police presence in our area. We will also maintain close consultation with the Surrey Police, Council Wardens and Community Support Officers seeking action to reduce youth disorder and vandalism.

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Last Edited: 13/05/2024
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