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Surrey County Council has introduced a scheme to save residents up to £500,000 a year by making sure they don't pay to dispose of waste they haven't created. The county's taxpayers are currently paying out hundreds of thousands of pounds every year to get rid of waste created by non-Surrey residents who come into the county to use its Community Recycling Centres (CRCs).

In the past, the impact on the county was less because Surrey residents living near the border would often use waste facilities in neighbouring authorities. However, councils, such as Kingston, Merton, Croydon, Windsor and Maidenhead, Sutton and Hounslow have now banned Surrey residents from using their waste disposal sites free of charge. Yet residents from those councils have continued to use Surrey's CRCs. The new scheme aims to stop this by restricting access to local people.

Visitors must prove that they are Surrey residents by bringing a driving licence, a current council tax bill or a recent utility bill. The site staff will ask to see your proof of address on arrival, so please have it to hand.

Centre and Transfer Station
Blenheim Road, Epsom

Contact details
Blenheim Road, Epsom,
Surrey   KT19 9DL

Tel: 01372 728 722

How to get there: See Map

Surrey County Council link:
Epsom Community Recycling Centre and Transfer Station

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