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A Strong Local Non-Party Political Voice for the Residents of Nork
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The Nork Ward falls within the boundaries of Reigate & Banstead Borough Council in the North East of Surrey. The Nork Residents’ Association was formed in 1925. Its objects are to:
"To advance and protect the interests of the residents and the amenities of the district"
"The Association shall be non-sectarian and non-party political".
The Association also believes that:
"National party politics is best left out of local government"
The Association Committee meets each month to take up member’s concerns and consider planning issues. The Association publishes the Nork Quarterly, a well-regarded quarterly magazine and holds an Annual General Meeting for our sizeable and ever increasing membership.
We hold all three Borough Council seats in the ward and our Residents' Association County Councillor and  Residents' Association Councillors from the Tattenhams Ward, are a significant group within Council.

Neighbourhood Policing

Markings Outside Homes
Police attended Warren Road in Nork on Tuesday 25 February and found 11 addresses with an X chalked outside, all on one side of the road between 39 and 109. This included the St Paul's Church Hall. While this may just be children playing pranks, residents should be aware that this mark COULD suggest that a property has been assessed for possible burglaries.

A cross with a circle around an X COULD mean that the property may have been assessed as not worth attempting. Please bear in mind these markings, usually in chalk outside the address, and if seen, please report them immediately to police via 101. Likewise, if you know who made these marks and that they are entirely innocent.

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